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Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez
World famous Anarkali Salwar Suits, Salwar Kameez and Churidar Kameez are loved by women of all ages. It is a combination of a long kurta and bottoms which is usually a churidar. The anarkali dress kurta is fitted on the bust and normally features large pleats flowing around the legs like an umbrella. Anarkali suits owe their name to Anarkali, a famous courtesan in a great mughal emperor's court. has more than 10,000+ salwar suit designs including patiala style, anarkali style, pakistani style, punjabi style etc. Delivery is available to over 100 countries including US, UK and Canada.
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Roles 10 NX

MOQ: 4

Fabric Detail :Top : Dull SantoonBottom : Dull SantoonDupatta : Nazneen..

INR 1,250 INR 1,181

Arisha NX

MOQ: 4

Fabric Detail :Top : Pure Cotton SatinBottom : Semi LoanDupatta : Nazneen & Cotton..

INR 899 INR 855

Sashi Vol 12

MOQ: 8

Fabric Detail :Top : Malbarry Silk With Net Gown AttachedBottom : Dull SantoonInnefr : Dull San..

INR 2,095 INR 1,991


MOQ: 7

Fabric Detail :Top : Pure CambricBottom : cottonDupatta : Nazneen..

INR 795

Crape Silk Vol 2

MOQ: 9

Fabric Detail :Top : Heavy French CrapeBottom : Heavy French CrapeDupatta : Nazneen..

INR 999

Nagina Vol 2

MOQ: 6

Fabric Detail :Top : Fox GeorgetteInner : Dull SantoonBottom : Dull SantoonDupatta : Nazneen Chiffon..

INR 1,395

Zara Vol 4

MOQ: 6

Fabric Detail :Top : Fox GeorgetteInner : SantoonBottom : SantoonDupatta : Nazneen..

INR 2,097 INR 2,011


MOQ: 12

Fabric Detail :Top : Cotton JacquardBottom : CottonDupatta : Nazneen With Embroidery  ..

INR 585


MOQ: 6

Fabric Detail :Top : Georgette Digital Print With Heavy EmbroideryInner : SantoonBottom : SantoonDup..

INR 895 INR 850

Y C Evershine Karva

MOQ: 4

Febric Detail : Top : Fox Georgette With Heavy EmbroideryInner : SantoonBottom : SantoonDupatta..

INR 1,395

G 12 Digins

MOQ: 4

Febric Details :Top : Heavy Georgette Bottom : Heavy Santoon Inner : Heavy Santoon&nb..

INR 1,455


MOQ: 6

ebric Detail : Top : Georgette Inner : Dull Santoon Bottom : Dull santoon Dupatt..

INR 895 INR 859

Ashirwad Signature

MOQ: 5

Fabric Detail : Top : Georgette Inner : Dull Santoon Bottom : Dull Santoon Dupat..

INR 1,850 INR 1,775


MOQ: 6

Febric Detail : Top : Real Georgette Bottom : Dull Santoon Inner : Dull Santoon ..

INR 1,395 INR 1,339

Y.C Deehram 2

MOQ: 3

Febric Detail:Top : Heavy Georgette & NetInner : Heavy Santoon------------------------------Top ..

INR 1,595


MOQ: 7

Fabric Details:Top: Semi SatinBottom: PC Dupatta : Heavy Naznin..

INR 625 INR 605

Aaruchi 9

MOQ: 5

Fabric Details:Top: GeorgetteBottom: Heavy Chentone Inner: Heavy ChentoneDupatta: Pure Naznin&n..

INR 1,199 INR 1,125

Mahrosh 5

MOQ: 7

Fabric Details:Top: Poly GeorgetteBottom: SantoonInner: SantoonDupatta: Naznin Chiffon With Work&nbs..

INR 1,149 INR 1,091

Zarah Collection Vol 6

MOQ: 4

Fabric Details:Top: GeorgetteBottom: SantoonInner: SantoonDupatta: Naznin..

INR 1,895

Karva Festival Collection

MOQ: 5

Fabric Details:Top: Fox GeorgetteBottom: SantoonInner: SantoonDupatta: Net..

INR 1,395 INR 1,325


MOQ: 6

Fabric Details:Top: GeorgetteBottom: Santoon (2.50 mtr)Inner: SanttonDupatta: Naznin (2.25 mtr)..

INR 1,395 INR 1,325


MOQ: 4

Fabric Details:Top: Faux GeorgetteBottom: SantoonInner: SantoonDupatta: Embroidered Naznin ..

INR 1,199

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